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The dingo (Canis dingo) is an iconic Australian native animal which is loved by a huge majority of the populace. Recently, there has been a marked shift in the public and scientific communities’ attitude toward the role and protection of dingoes in Australia. This is because their crucial function in the Australian ecosystem (as top order predators), and their regulation and suppression of pest species such as foxes and feral cats, has now been officially recognised.

Sadly, the dingo has suffered the same fate as the grey wolf by coming into conflict with graziers, and becoming a convenient scapegoat for profit losses. On deeper investigation, it is often found that the fear of what may be possible is more real than what does, or is likely to occur.

To the contrary, many studies are finding a case for the re-introduction of the dingo into previously occupied areas in order to return some balance to badly degraded areas as a result of unregulated and ignorant farming practices.

Each day, more credible evidence of this is made available in the face of what has largely been exaggeration and unsubstantiated conjecture by the rural lobby, and perpetuated by the media.

The dingo is under severe threat due to concerted and ongoing  efforts to eradicate them, and by hybridisation with domestic dogs in some heavily populated areas. Dingoes are currently considered ‘threatened’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), but it has been largely left up to sanctuaries such as ours to fight for the protection and future of the dingo.

In order to bring relief and a glimmer of hope to the survival of a species that left alone, would thrive, The Australian Dingo Foundation was formed in 2006.

Application was made to the Federal Govt. and in 2007 recognition as a Conservation organisation with charity status was conferred.  The ADF oversees the wellbeing of the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and its precious gene pool to ensure there are true dingoes in Australia’s, and the world’s future, and that this unique species can be fully appreciated.





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